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The National Guard Association of West Virginia (NGAWV) is a non-profit organization designed to serve as an advocate for the West Virginia National Guard. It represents the interests of the West Virginia National Guard - Army and Air.

Our activities are directed toward policy and awareness that impact readiness and sustainment. We work to gain visibility at both the state and national level, which is essential to representing our needs and interests.

The continuing struggle to keep a well equipped, well-trained and adequately manned West Virginia National Guard is dependent not only upon what happens in Washington, but also on the legislative action in Charleston. New armory construction, adequate state employee manning, incentives for National Guard personnel, and other benefits are in whole, or in part state supported and must be sought in the same manner as the more visible efforts of the U.S. Congress. Part of our congressional effort is dependent upon our support by the state legislature; each political body watches the other for trends and priorities.

The NGAWV organization adheres to the following PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES, GOVERNANCE, and PERSPECTIVE guidelines:


The National Guard Association of West Virginia shall promote the national security of the United States of America. 

To that end the Association's mission is:

  • To promote and improve national security

  • To foster and improve The National Guard of West Virginia and the National Guard of the United States

  • To sponsor or participate in activities of a patriotic nature

  • To provide insurance benefits for members and their dependents

  • To carry on programs to perpetuate the memory of deceased veterans and members of the United States Armed Forces and to comfort their survivors

  • To promote the common good, social welfare and general welfare of the people of the community

  • To provide social and recreational activities for members

  • To provide assistance to hospitalized veterans within the scope and resources of the Association


The association is governed by an executive council consisting of President, Vice-President (Army), Vice-President (Air), Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Director, officers from various units in the state who represent the general membership, Company Grade and Retired Representatives. 

The annual meeting is held to discuss the priorities of the association and hear the various committee reports and formulate association policy though the adoption of conference resolutions.


The importance of the Army and Air National Guard with regard to the Total Force and National Security will continue to increase during the 21st Century. The continued efforts by Congress to balance the budget deficit will require cost efficient use of the military, resulting in an increased demand on National Guard components.

Many persons are not aware of NGAWV or the role of the West Virginia Army and Air National Guard. Because of the multifaceted role of the National Guard, there is a large cross section of our society that must be targeted as an audience of awareness in our continuing efforts to meet that demand and responsibilities assigned. This audience includes:

  • Local, State and National Elected Officials

  • National Guard Employers

  • National Guard Members and Their Families

  • General Public at Large


NGAWV must undertake an active role in dealing with issues/problems as it relates to meeting the demands of the Total Force concept.

To effectively carry out its mission NGAWV must continue to enhance its association program. That begins with you.

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