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 What is the National Guard Association of West Virginia (NGAWV)?

The National Guard Association of West Virginia (NGAWV) was founded in 1959 as the professional organization of the West Virginia National Guard and its members.   NGAWV is not a military organization, but a private IRS recognized charitable organization of military personnel.   NGAWV was created to provide a strong, unified voice in which the needs of Guard members could be realized and supported.   Your membership and support are very important in ensuring our collective voice remains strong. Please click the Membership link and show your support for West Virginia’s senior leaders as they work to make certain that our National Guard remains a vital part of the nation’s military and homeland defense capabilities.

Mission Statement

The purposes of the National Guard Association of West Virginia are:

  • To promote and improve national security
  • To foster and improve The National Guard of West Virginia and the National Guard of  the United States
  • To sponsor or participate in activities of a patriotic nature
  • To provide insurance benefits for members or their dependents
  • To carry on programs to perpetuate the memory of deceased veterans and members of the United States Armed Forces and to comfort their survivors
  • To promote the common good, social welfare and general welfare of the people of the community
  • To provide social and recreational activities for member
  • To provide assistance to hospitalized veterans  within the scope and resources of the Association

To read the bylaws of the NGAWV, please Click Here. To read the constitution of the NGAWV, please Click Here.

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40 Lifetime Memberships Available This Year

  • You can now purchase a lifetime membership for both NGAUS & NGAWV for a total of $1250. In addition, NGAWV is offering members the option to finance their membership for 18 months no interest. That equates to $69.45/month, now that’s a DEAL!
  • NGAWV can set-up payments to be auto-drafted from either a checking account or debit/credit card. A lifetime membership has never been easier! If you’re interested in this option, call Michael Ramsey to set-up payments: 304-541-9871 (day) & sign-up under the “Membership” page!


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